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James Bovard


James Bovard

Adjunct Analyst

James Bovard is an Adjunct Analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based public interest group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. He was also CEI's 1996 Warren T. Brookes Fellow in Environmental Journalism. He is a frequent contributor to the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, The American Spectator, Washington Post, Washington Times, and other publications.

He was the recipient of the 1995 Thomas Szasz Award for Civil Liberties Work, awarded by the Center for Independent Thought. His writings generate occasional controversy. Since the Clinton Administration took office, his writings have been publicly denounced by FBI Director Louis Freeh, HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, U.S. International Trade Commission Chairman Don Newquist, Equal Opportunity Commission Chairman Gilbert Cassellas, the Chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration, among others.

Bovard has written several successful books, most recently, Shakedown: How Government Screws You from A-Z (Viking, September 1995). Forbes Magazine and the Boston Herald gave favorable reviews to the book. His 1994 book, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (St. Martin's Press), received acclaim from the Wall Street Journal, American Spectator, National Review, and Washington Times. Two others; The Fair Trade Fraud (St. Martin's Press, 1991) and The Farm Fiasco (ICS Press 1989) received wide critical acclaim.



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