CEI’s Center for Advancing Capitalism aims to persuade citizens that economically liberal policies are compatible with all values in our heterogeneous society—among them liberty, security and equality. Through creative communication and marketing strategy, reform alliances and targeted advocacy work, CAC works to communicate to ideological and non-ideological individuals alike that promoting policies of economic liberty fosters prosperity and peace.
    The Center for Economic Freedom works to ensure that voluntary economic transactions remain free from government coercion and control. We work tirelessly to beat back attacks on these freedoms from bureaucrats and nanny-state busybodies, and to expand the orbit of voluntary arrangements in the economy—including banking and finance, labor, insurance, the freedom to take risks as an entrepreneur or a consumer of alcohol, international trade and development, transportation, and many others. We aim for a world where the rights and benefits of free transactions are recognized, respected and protected.
    CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment makes the positive case for abundant energy and promotes environmental policies based on economic freedom, property rights, and limited government. We oppose policies based on the beliefs that prosperity threatens the environment, that the answer to every environmental challenge is more regulation, and that risks can be abolished by limiting human ingenuity.
    Mankind’s ability to innovate is boundless. Unfortunately, so is government’s ability to regulate. CEI’s Center for Law and Litigation focuses on developing new approaches to fight overregulation. In areas ranging from our successful constitutional challenge to Sarbanes-Oxley, to overturning federal fuel economy standards, CEI has already established major new precedents for combating regulations that restrict consumer choice, stifle innovation, and limit competition. And we’re just getting started.
    CEI’s Center for Technology and Innovation works to keep the regulatory state’s hands off frontier industries and ensure that 21st century technologies are not shackled by 20th century regulations. We advance market discipline as a superior alternative to regulatory intervention, legitimize market processes, and forestall governmental restrictions on wealth creation. Our goal is to persuade the public and policy makers that innovation tends to make the world safer, healthier, and happier, and that government regulation tends to do the opposite.