Center for Law and Litigation

Center for Law and Litigation

Center Director: Sam Kazman

Mankind’s ability to innovate is boundless.  Unfortunately, so is government’s ability to regulate.  CEI’s Center for Law and Litigation focuses on developing new approaches to fight overregulation.  In areas ranging from our successful constitutional challenge to Sarbanes-Oxley, to overturning federal fuel economy standards, CEI has already established major new precedents for combating regulations that restrict consumer choice, stifle innovation, and limit competition.  And we’re just getting started.

Center for Law and Litigation Experts

  • Hans Bader

    Senior Attorney

    Hans Bader is a senior attorney at CEI. His prior casework has included suits involving the First Amendment, federalism, and civil rights issues.

  • Sam Kazman

    General Counsel

    Sam Kazman is CEI’s general counsel and Director of the Center for Law and Litigation.