The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

May 24, 2005

Issues in the News



The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence begins debate over whether to renew the USA Patriot Act.

From the CEI archives: Journalism Fellow John Berlau on the “know-your-customer” provisions of the Patriot Act that require financial institutions to report customer transactions to federal agencies.



The Environmental Protection Agency has a new rule on genetic research that could change when an endangered species is considered recovered.

From the CEI archives: Director of Global Warming & International Environmental Policy Myron Ebell on the most recent efforts in Congress to reform the Endangered Species Act.



The Associated Press reports that many recent customer privacy breaches could be solved in the private sector by simple security precautions.

From the CEI archives: Director of Technology Studies Clyde Wayne Crews on the evolving market in cybersecurity.



A federal judge announced yesterday that there could ultimately be as many as 100,000 cases filed against Merck & Co. over its now-withdrawn pain reliever Vioxx.

From the CEI archives: Adjunct Fellow Dr. Henry I. Miller on the Vioxx scare and the need for new leadership at the Food and Drug Administration.