The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

June 14, 2005

Issues in the News



A coalition of conservatives and liberals unite to oppose the renewal of elements of the USA Patriot Act

From CEI: Adjunct Analyst Bradley Jansen’s open letter to former Attorney General John Ashcroft on increased FBI powers.



New Mexico’s senators team up across the aisle on the Senate energy bill.

From CEI: Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis, Jr. on why the climate legislation being championed by Sen. Bingaman (D-NM) is all economic pain and no environmental gain.



The FDA finds that few online “Canadian pharmacies” are actually based in Canada.

From CEI: Technology Counsel Braden Cox, General Counsel Sam Kazman and President Fred L. Smith, Jr. on the need to ban reimportation of U.S. drugs from nations like Canada.



A new generation of entrepreneurs is investing in private space travel technology.

From CEI: General Counsel Sam Kazman on how the booming investments being made in aerospace could teach us a lesson about developing new medical technologies.