The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

The Competitive Enterprise Institute Daily Update

August 16, 2005

Issues in the News



CNN contrasts the current high gas prices in the U.S. with other nations where taxes and regulations combine to raise per-gallon prices much higher: $4.74 in Switzerland, $5.79 in the UK and $6.48 in the Netherlands.

 CEI Expert Available to Comment: Director of Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell on how staying out of the Kyoto Protocol on global warming has helped ensure a future of affordable energy for U.S. consumers.



The popularity of online poker tournaments expands with gamblers despite a U.S. ban.

 CEI Expert Available to Comment: Technology Counsel Braden Cox on the attempt to stop consumers from patronizing offshore gambling sites by linking financial transactions to money laundering and terrorism.



Scientific American finds a growing number of researchers questioning the public health reality of the so-called “epidemic” of obesity in the U.S..

 CEI Expert Available to Comment: Filmmaker Soso Whaley talks about healthy eating, personal responsibility and her new documentary Me and Mickey D on MSNBC’s The Situation with Tucker Carlson.



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