Al Gore Shocker: Veep Orders Paving Of Yellowstone

Al Gore Shocker: Veep Orders Paving Of Yellowstone

Nation’s Park to Become a Casualty of Global Warming Policy
June 26, 1998

Washington, DC, June 26, 1998 - The Vice President of the United States has called for Yellowstone National Park to be closed down and its geysers capped with several tons of concrete. Upon declaring a national emergency, Mr. Gore announced that the urgent Chernobyl-style operation was necessary to prevent the release of greenhouse gases that scientists believe are responsible for global warming.

The Vice President is a well-known alarmist about climate change who favors taking immediate and drastic actions to stop it.

The climate implications of Yellowstone Park first became evident January 9, when a mild earthquake hit northwestern Wyoming. Two dormant geysers, Cascade Geyser and Vault Geyser, suddenly came to life, according to a June 22 Associated Press report ("Old Faithful’s Plumbing Changes," AP, June 22, 1998, 1:50 PM ET). Now the geysers are spouting vast quantities of H2O – a deadly greenhouse pollutant – directly into the earth’s delicate atmosphere at an astonishing rate.

Gaseous H2O, otherwise known as water vapor, is the leading cause of the greenhouse effect. H2O comprises 95 percent of all heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, according to a consensus of the world’s climate scientists.

A buildup of H2O threatens to cause heavy rains, killer hurricanes, sea level rise, and coastal flooding in some areas. In other regions it is expected to cause droughts, dustbowls, and deserts.

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