Bi-Partisan Attack on Taxpayers and Property Rights in US Senate

Bi-Partisan Attack on Taxpayers and Property Rights in US Senate

July 14, 2000

Washington, DC, July 14, 2000 – “Senators Frank Murkowski (R–AK) and Jeff Bingaman (D–NM) have accomplished an amazing feat.  They have made the worst piece of legislation in this Congress much worse.

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·        Their new "compromise" version of the Land Grab Bill includes billion-dollar payoffs to every environmental special interest in the country. 

·        The one minor protection for property owners in the House-passed Conservation and Re-investment Act (H. R. 701) has been stripped out by Senators Murkowski and Bingaman.

·        The compromise bill does nothing to limit the amount of money that can be spent on land acquisition in any of the seven titles. 

·        In addition to the seven trust funds, they have created a new trust fund for the Youth Conservation Corps. 

·        They have increased the total bill to taxpayers from $42.5 billion to $45 billion.


The Murkowski-Bingaman bill is an affront to American taxpayers and to congressional accountability.  It is a threat to every American private property owner and everyone who wants to own property in the future.  And massive government land acquisition will do great harm to the environment.


When the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee marks up the Land Grab Bill next week, a No vote will be a vote for fiscal responsibility, private property owners, and good environmental stewardship.”