CEI Available for Comment on the State of the Union Address

CEI Available for Comment on the State of the Union Address

Free Market Analysis of the White House Agenda
January 27, 2010

D.C., January 27, 2010—As
President Obama reflects on his first year in office - and recent developments
in the national political landscape - the rest of the nation waits expectantly
for him to announce the latest version of his policy agenda. While millions
watch the President’s State of the Union address, the policy experts of the
Competitive Enterprise Institute will be standing by to offer context and
analysis is the following issue areas.




John Berlau

Director, Center for
Investors and Entrepreneurs

202-415-3192 / jberlau@cei.org



Vice President for

202-251-4298 / wcrews@cei.org


Ryan Radia

Associate Director of
Technology Studies

202-331-2281 / rradia@cei.org





Myron Ebell

Director of Energy
and Global Warming Policy

202-320-6685 / mebell@cei.org


Christopher C. Horner

Senior Fellow

202-262-4458 / chorner@cei.org


R.J. Smith

Senior Environmental

202-667-0191 / rjsmith@cei.org


Julie Walsh

Global Warming Policy

703-868-5742 / jwalsh@cei.org


William Yeatman

Energy Policy Analyst

703-568-2945 / wyeatman@cei.org



Health, Safety and Labor


Gregory Conko

Director of Food and
Drug Policy

202-412-3953 / gconko@cei.org


Angela Logomasini

Director of Risk and Environmental Policy

703-944-8141 / alogomasini@cei.org


Ivan Osorio

Editorial Director

202-262-5564 / iosorio@cei.org



Legal and Constitutional


Hans Bader

Senior Attorney

703-399-6738 / hbader@cei.org


Sam Kazman

General Counsel

703-534-2738 / skazman@cei.org



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