CEI Unveils New Personal Global Climate Forecasting Model

CEI Unveils New Personal Global Climate Forecasting Model

New Tool Will Spur Public Comment on White House Warming Report
June 28, 2000

Washington, DC, June 28, 2000 – Concerned over lukewarm public response to the government’s newly released National Assessment on Climate Change report, CEI today unveiled a revolutionary new technology to bring global climate forecasting into the home. By responding to subtle shifts in individual microclimates, the precision device, technically known as The Official CEI Global Warming Pen, allows any person to quickly make his or her own assessment of global climate change.

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Precise and portable

The pen in action

Detects global cooling, too!

Four crazy colors!

One cool instrument

The National Assessment report has been criticized for its scientifically unfounded regional forecasts, which attempt to predict global warming impacts on nine different regions of the United States despite huge forecasting uncertainties. But The Official CEI Global Warming Pen brings climate modeling to an unprecedentedly local level. According to the developer of the device, who is remaining anonymous while his MacArthur Foundation genius application is processed, “This will do for climate modeling what the PC did for computing. It will free us from dependence on massive, centralized modeling and forecasting facilities. The global warming threat can now become evident to every person. Same for global cooling (if, that is, the science changes again).”

CEI’s tests indicate the device is accurate to within 20 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, and to within $200 billion per year, which happens to be the estimated cost of the Kyoto Protocol.

CEI, a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group founded in 1984, is dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. For more information, please contact Emily McGee, director of media relations, at 202-331-1010, ext. 209 or emcgee@cei.org.