Clinton Peddles Junk Science To Wildfire Victims

Clinton Peddles Junk Science To Wildfire Victims

Florida’s Wildfires Used as Weapon in Clinton’s Global Warming Assault
July 15, 1998

Washington, DC, July 15, 1998 — The Competitive Enterprise Institute today blasted the Clinton Administration for continuing to misinform the American people about global warming. Repeating claims made by Vice President Gore over a week earlier, President Clinton, on July 9th, told victims of the Florida fires that if we do not cut greenhouse gas emissions we can expect more devastating wildfires. "[B]ased on the evidence of the last decade, that if we get hotter and hotter, and we have periods of more extreme wet, followed by periods of more extreme drought, we’re going to have more things like this happen," said Clinton.

"The Clinton Administration’s actions smack of political opportunism, said Marlo Lewis, CEI’s vice president of policy and coalitions. "It’s time that it stopped using the very real tragedy of Americans to further its global warming agenda."

Indeed, this is just the latest of a series of disaster tours where the Administration has used tragic natural disasters to "prove" that man is drastically altering the earth’s climate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, however, clearly states that, "Overall, there is no evidence that extreme weather events, or climate variability, has increased, in a global sense, through the 20th century, although data and analyses are poor and not comprehensive."

"No reputable scientist would claim that specific weather events, such as wildfires, is indicative of long term climate trends," says Lewis. "This is just another example of the Clinton Administration’s willingness to say anything to justify federal energy controls."

"The Clinton Administration continues to recklessly disregard the scientific evidence, discrediting itself and giving science a bad name," says Lewis.

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