Competitive Enterprise Institute Slams Global Warming Treaty in New Radio Spot

Competitive Enterprise Institute Slams Global Warming Treaty in New Radio Spot

Warns that Clinton Administration’s Push to Implement Kyoto Protocol Could Leave Americans Stuck in "Gas Lines"
September 04, 1998

Washington, D.C., September 4, 1998 – Long gasoline lines similar to those in the ‘70s is one possible consequence of the Kyoto Protocol to combat global warming exposed in a new radio ad, which begins airing tomorrow on WTEM-AM. Paid for by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the ad features a couple trapped in one of those lengthy gas lines so common during the oil crisis in the late 1970s. "Government tried rationing oil then, with disastrous results," says Fred L. Smith, Jr., president of CEI. "Enforce Kyoto and Americans could see that situation repeated in the 1990s."

"The Clinton Administration is pushing to implement these mandatory controls – even without Senate ratification – while scientists are still trying to determine if a man-made global warming is occurring," says Smith. "If it succeeds, Americans would be required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 percent over the next decade, which means higher energy taxes and government rationing."

Policy analysts at CEI have been actively involved in the global warming debate since the late 1980’s. Since then CEI experts have been working to bring sound science and economics into Washington policymaking on this issue. CEI representatives attended the global warming talks in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997, and will be sending a delegation to the next round of international negotiations, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November.

"Attempting to frighten the public into supporting Kyoto, as the Administration has been doing over the past several months, hasn’t been working," continued Smith. "There is no evidence linking global warming to severe weather. In fact, many of the Vice President’s claims to that effect are demonstrably false. But the economic consequences of severe cutbacks in energy use are clear. CEI’s ad is a reminder to the public of what happens when bureaucratic meddling becomes law."

CEI, a non-profit, non-partisan research group founded in 1984, is dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. The radio ad, "Gas Lines," was produced by the Institute’s three-year-old Communications Project, and is the first in a package of radio and television spots that CEI will air over the next few weeks. For more information, contact Emily McGee, director of public relations, at 202-331-1010.