Geophysical Union Succumbs to Political Correctness: Global Warming Statement Not Based on Sound Science

Geophysical Union Succumbs to Political Correctness: Global Warming Statement Not Based on Sound Science

January 27, 1999

Washington DC, January 28, 1999 – The American Geophysical Union has betrayed science and embraced politics in its newly issued position statement calling for governmental action to stop global warming, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The AGU statement, released today, asserts that the "AGU believes that the present level of scientific uncertainty does not justify inaction in the mitigation of human induced climate change and/or the adaptation to it."

"In rendering a policy judgment favorable to the Clinton-Gore administration, the AGU statement has crossed the line separating science from advocacy," says CEI’s Paul Georgia, research associate and managing editor of Cooler Heads, a bi-weekly newsletter covering global warming issues. "The AGU has fully embraced the green activist philosophy that insufficient and contradictory scientific evidence should be no obstacle to putting this nation’s energy system under political control."

Environmental pressure groups, who support the Kyoto Protocol, will almost certainly tout the AGU position statement as the consensus view of the 35,000 AGU members –even though AGU members have not seen the statement, nor will they before its release. A shorter draft version of the statement, posted on AGU’s web site several months ago, drew harsh criticism from many of its members who questioned the need for such a statement.

"It’s a shame that this distinguished science organization has succumbed to political correctness at the expense of scientific integrity," laments Georgia.

Contrary to claims made by environmental groups, the AGU membership is not made up exclusively of scientists. The only qualification needed for AGU membership is a $20 ($7 for students) paid subscription to the organization’s newsletter. The AGU statement is the opinion of a handful of AGU global warming panelists.

"There’s no doubt that this statement is going to be hyped by the Clinton Administration and green activists as further scientific endorsement for ratification of the Kyoto Protocol," says CEI’s Georgia. "In reality it is nothing more than an underhanded attempt by some to use the AGU as a vehicle to promote their personal political views."

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