Gore to Call for Mandatory Reductions in Energy Use

Gore to Call for Mandatory Reductions in Energy Use

But Does the VP Play By His Own Rules?
June 26, 2000

Washington, DC, June 26, 2000 –  Vice President Gore is scheduled to announce his plan calling for yet more federal involvement and taxpayer expenditures to create preference in the market for energy-efficient products tomorrow.  Implementing many of his proposals would call for new, government-funded programs, which has caused many observers to wonder whether the Vice President himself is willing to live by the same standards he is asking the American taxpayers to (also) pay for.

In an effort to discover whether Vice President Gore has begun spending tax dollars on his own personal commitment to leading the kind of environmentally enlightened lifestyle that he advocates politically, CEI has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U. S. Navy to determine what steps have been taken to make the Vice President’s house at the Naval Observatory more environmentally friendly, indeed more moral, according to his book Earth in the Balance.

“Mr. Gore’s campaign is releasing an environmental and global warming regimen calling on Americans to make all sorts of financial commitments and lifestyle changes in order to ‘improve’ or even ‘save’ the environment,” commented Chris Horner, counsel to the Cooler Heads Coalition and policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  “Al Gore must now demonstrate how he has provided leadership through his own actions.”

“Does our nation’s number one environmentalist make that sacrifice himself, albeit on our nickel?  In other words, if it is as immoral as his book suggests to not do these things, when did he do them?   How high is the thermostat set?  Did he call for the replacement of the original windows with more energy efficient models?  Does he use the federal-mandated double-flush toilets?” Horner continued.  “I think the American people have a right to know.  Our FOIA request will find whether Mr. Gore walks the environmentalist walk as well as he talks the environmentalist talk.”

CEI originally requested the information on May 10 and filed a more exhaustive FOIA request on June 15.  The FOIA seeks to produce a complete environmental profile of the vice president’s house based on the EPA’s home energy self-audit suggestions.

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