Institute Accuses Gore Of Using Disasters For Political Gain

Institute Accuses Gore Of Using Disasters For Political Gain

Exploits Florida Fires to Promote Global Warming Agenda
June 29, 1998

Washington, DC, June 29, 1998 – The Competitive Enterprise Institute today accused Vice President Al Gore of exploiting natural disasters for political gain. With a vice presidential press conference on the Florida fires scheduled today, Marlo Lewis, CEI’s vice president for policy and coalitions stated that, "It’s time that Al Gore stopped using the very real tragedy of Americans to further his global warming agenda."

"Beginning in 1997 Mr. Gore and others in the Clinton Administration have exploited several natural disasters to strengthen the perception that global warming is upon us," Lewis recounted. Such events do not prove global warming, Mr. Gore is careful to say, but he claims they are consistent with computer model predictions. Moreover, Mr. Gore claims that these events are becoming more frequent and are unprecedented in their scale.

Today Mr. Gore is expected to claim that the Florida fires, brought on by drought and thunderstorms, are unprecedented and signal dangerous changes in the climate system. Satellite data of lightning rates and fires will give Mr. Gore’s claims a scientific aura, but in reality tell us nothing since there are only 3 years of satellite data of lightning rates and not much more for fires. "Strangely," says CEI’s Lewis, "the Clinton Administration dismisses as too short the 20 year satellite temperature record which shows a slight cooling."

"Unlike global warming, the Clinton Administration's reaction to natural disasters can be predicted with reasonable certainty," said Marlo Lewis, vice president at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "Unfortunately, the absence of even a shred of evidence to support the Administration's claims has not stopped it from presenting frightening scenarios."

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