Statement of Rep. Joe Knollenberg on The National Assessment On Climate Change

Statement of Rep. Joe Knollenberg on The National Assessment On Climate Change

October 05, 2000

Press conference announcing lawsuit against President Clinton by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Rep. Knollenberg, Rep. JoAnn Emerson, Sen. James Inhofe, and a number of other interest groups<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

US Capitol

October 5, 2000


Well, here they go again, to paraphrase President Reagan.  This Administration has once again violated federal law. 


Remember the HillaryCare scandal.  There, among many egregious actions, the Administration was proven in a court of law to have violated federal openness statutes.  That was the case of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. v. Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Today we bring you the federal suit Competitive Enterprise Institute et al v. William Jefferson Clinton. 


Now again federal openness statutes have been violated.  Specifically, the Federal Advisory Committee Act was enacted to promote openness and accountability.  “FACA,” as it is called, safeguards public access to the government’s process and information.  These safeguards include:


1.      open meetings,

2.      formal requirements to close meetings,

3.      participation by a designated federal official as a requirement for all meetings,

4.      detailed minutes of each meeting of the advisory committee shall be kept and shall contain a record of the persons present,

5.      a complete and accurate description of matters discussed and conclusions reached, and

6.      copies of all reports received, issued or approved by the advisory committee.


Federal violations of these and other laws are a pattern that has persisted throughout this Clinton/Gore Administration.  Their policies can’t stand up to the light of day, so they subvert openness and illegitimately conduct business behind closed doors.


In addition to the openness violations, another continual problem with Clinton and Gore has been their increases in the size of the federal government.  They wind red tape around the necks of the people ever more tightly; They insist upon increased government spending; and They grow the tentacles of the federal government with “Mission Creep” in the many departments, bureaus, committees, and agencies of the federal government.


This case highlights yet another specific instance of “Mission Creep.”  I’m referring to the White House’s request that the panel look into “political” area.  For example, the White House sought support for locking up land, blocking roads, et cetera.


A third area of concern is the inappropriate use of inherently flawed computer models—otherwise known as Junk Science.


They chose the hot model, a foreign one despite numerous (cooler) American models existing.  That’s “Science Shopping.”  Worse, even modelers pointed out the models are useless for the predictions purportedly based upon them.  I personally spoke to Jerry Melillo who is at the center of this work, and he told me, “It’s true that the models are not ‘predictively accurate.’”  The models still have global limitations and no application at the regional level.

This is a political package revealed as being cloaked in junk science fiction.

The purpose of the lawsuit is to get politics out of science, to force the Administration to conduct real scientific research on earth’s systems, and to prevent the purveying of junk science.  We are confident that the court will remedy the statutory violations so process is done lawfully.