Tech experts question pro-regulation conservative

Tech experts question pro-regulation conservative

Free Market Analysts Urge Telecom Deregulation
February 25, 2004

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Washington, D.C., February 26, 2004—In a letter this week, a group of leading technology analysts are urging conservative leader and informal White House advisor Grover Norquist to support a telecommunications policy at the national level to encourage investment and innovation and lift burdensome industry regulations. Norquist, President of the non-profit group Americans for Tax Reform, has previously written to President Bush opposing a national policy on federalism grounds.


“A ‘state’s rights’ approach to telecommunications is a peculiar one in this day of interstate Internet commerce and communications,” said Solveig Singleton, Senior Policy Analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “State regulation has become virtually synonymous with too much regulation.”


The letter expressed the concerns of the signatories while providing sources for supporting analysis: “Telecommunications regulation is complex, which is why a number of us who have studied the issue have sought to brief you on the results of our research.  As you know, studies by virtually every major free-market think tank have demonstrated the need for deregulation.”


The signors of the letter include policy experts from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Pacific Research Institute, Manhattan Institute, Citizens for a Sound Economy, The Hoover Institute, Progress & Freedom Foundation, Institute for Policy Innovation, and the Discovery Institute. The policy analysts represented agree that telecommunications deregulation will help support capital formation, increase job creation and productivity growth, and bring efficient broadband networks to more consumers faster.


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