Say no to New Green Deal (Letter to the Editor)

Say no to New Green Deal (Letter to the Editor)

June 10, 2010
Originally published in The Washington Times

Holger Krahmer was right to criticize green jobs as a scam ("Green New Deal is a raw deal for the U.S.," Commentary, Monday). "Green jobs" are a pretext for corporate welfare that destroys American jobs.

For example, the stimulus package is using taxpayer subsidies to replace American jobs with foreign green jobs. Seventy-nine percent of its green-jobs funding went to foreign firms.

Spain's green-jobs program, a model for the Obama administration, has been a costly failure, destroying jobs and contributing to that country's fiscal crisis.

Mr. Obama's biggest green-jobs proposal, a global-warming bill, would expand ethanol subsidies, which harm forests and water supplies. Ethanol subsidies cause famines and food riots in poor countries such as Afghanistan by reducing food supplies.