Whaley Reacts to Spurious Claims

Whaley Reacts to Spurious Claims

Whaley Letter to Straits Times, Singapore
July 16, 2004

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Allow me to correct Sherwin Loh who seems to have a very low standard when it comes to presenting correct facts in his article "Super spur to healthy eats". I hope your readers are not subjected to this blatant misrepresentation of facts too often, it certainly does not reflect well on your editorial staff if they would allow such obvious lies to be presented as truth.


First, allow me to state once again (with emphasis) that I do not work for Competitive Enterprise Institute and never have.  Furthermore, I receive absolutely no funding whatsoever from any individual or group for my work on a documentary debunking the Spurlock film.  Morgan Spurlock continues to lie about me at his own peril, but your publication should at least be vigilant in making sure you report only the facts. 


Second, Competitive Enterprise Institute is a think tank and policy analyst group that has a crack research group, I would not classify that as a "lobbying group".  It is unfortunate that too many people do not understand the differences between think tanks, policy analysis and libertarian groups, lobbying and consumer groups, etc.  One component of my film will examine this tendency some people have to lump all these groups together without understanding their function or even how they work in making big government available to the people or just providing research to help solve problems. 


Third, unlike Morgan Spurlock who has never released any information about what exactly was eaten during his 30 day diet, my receipts for the first 30 day diet are easily accessible at www.cei.org .  Information on my second round of dieting during June will appear soon but I can tell you that I lost another 8 pounds for a total weight loss of 18 pounds and a total cholesterol drop of 40 points.   By the way, I feel great!


Fourth, if Mr. Loh had taken the time to look at my receipts and analysis or even read some of my diary entries he would have found that I stayed within 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day, I did not copy Spurlock's diet exactly.   He would have also noted that I tried to make healthy choices even though I was required to eat every item on the single item menu at least once, which included the Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, the McFlurry's, even the McGriddles.  By eating less, and maintaining an exercise program I lost weight.  My intention was to lose weight, just as Spurlock's was to gain weight.....the only difference is that I was honest about what I was doing, whereas Spurlock has been less than honest to say the least.  If Mr. Loh had read my diary he would have also found out about two other "30-dayers", both body builders who gorged themselves as Spurlock did and both of whom lost weight.   


I don't understand why Mr. Loh chose to print lies about me rather than check his facts, but I hope you will allow me to set the record straight, if only to show that you understand the importance of presenting real facts and not propaganda to your readers.




Soso R Whaley

Literary Llama Productions