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OpenMarket: July 2009

  • Obama's "Willful Disregard of Political Oppression" by Anti-American Dictators Is Admitted by Liberal Washington Post

    July 13, 2009
    Obama has demanded that Honduras allow its anti-American would-be dictator, Mel Zelaya, to return to power, arguing that President Zelaya's removal by the Honduras Supreme Court, with the backing of his country's Congress and military, was "undemocratic" because the now-unpopular Zelaya was once elected. He has ignored the many legal and foreign-affairs commentators who have pointed out that Zelaya's removal was a legal response to Zelaya's flouting of the constitution, and not a "coup," such as attorneys Octavio Sanchez, Miguel...
  • Will Climate Thuggery Capture the SEC?

    July 13, 2009
    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may require corporations to assess and disclose the impacts of global warming and climate change policy on their bottom lines.
  • "It would be hard to devise a surer formula for economic catastrophe."

    July 12, 2009
    It may not be in a debacle like California's, but I still find it galling to see my home state of Florida go from being one of the best governed states in the country to leading the nation in a particularly destructive sort of fiscal insanity. But if the first step toward a cure is an accurate diagnosis, The Economist is helping on that count. As the current issue notes:
    Two years ago, after homeowners complained about rising insurance premiums, the governor, Charlie Crist, leaned on firms to cut prices and offered Floridians state-subsidised policies. Private insurers curtailed their operations or pulled out. When the next hurricane hits, the repair bill will land squarely on Floridian taxpayers, rather than being spread among global insurers. It would be hard to devise a...
  • Reason's Michael Moynihan on the SEIU Chavistas

    July 10, 2009
    At Reason Hit & Run, Michael C. Moynihan looks at the Service Employees Internatinoal Union's harassing of broadcasters who air ads opposing the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).
    According to this letter obtained by TPM, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is threatening television stations broadcasting this anti-card check advertisement produced by the Employee Freedom Action Committee. In the letter (viewable...
  • Adding Insult to Auto Dealers' Injury

    July 10, 2009
    If anything could make finding yourself out of business overnight any worse, it is to have to pay a penalty for it. That's what now threatens some GM and Chrysler dealers whose factory agreements are not being renewed as part of those companies' government-led restructuring. Many of those soon-to-be-defunct dealers may find themselves exposed to having to pay withdrawal penalties into the union pension funds into which they will no longer pay. Now, the Detroit automakers overextended their dealer networks -- but that is no justification for penalizing local auto dealers for GM's and Chrysler's mistakes. To address this potential problem, Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) has introduced the...
  • Church Leaders, Senators Oppose Forcing Honduras to Reinstate Ousted President and Would-Be Dictator

    July 10, 2009
    Honduran church leaders, and 17 U.S. Senators, are now opposing outside pressure on Honduras to reinstate the corrupt president that it ousted last Sunday for seeking to eliminate constitutional term limits and become a dictator. The Obama Administration has...
  • More Hot Air at Bottled Water Hearings

    July 10, 2009

    Dana Milbank has a great piece in the Washington Post this week about recent congressional hearings on bottled water. He notes: "The nation is entangled in two wars, a deep recession and a flu pandemic, and the people's representatives are hard at work investigating the menace of . . . bottled water?" Indeed. This is a silly issue for them to focus on, but unfortunately, their regulations may increase prices of a low-calorie, healthy beverage option.

    The same day of the hearings, the congressional research arm, U.S. Government Accountability Office, also released a conveniently-timed, allegedly independent report on the topic, which buttresses lawmakers' concerns. What a "...

  • Forza Italia!

    July 10, 2009
    Italy's Senate has overturned a 1987 ban on nuclear power, passed in panic after Chernobyl.  This is good news for Italians, as they face some of the highest electricity rates in Europe.  Of course, this being Europe, the plants will probably be built with significant government subsidy, so there won't be much we can learn from it about the viability of nuclear power built without government assistance.  Nevertheless, if European countries are going to meet the ambitious emissions targets they have adopted, nuclear power is going to have to play a large part in doing so.
  • CEI Weekly: Firsthand At the Tea Party

    July 10, 2009
    CEI Weekly is a compilation of articles and blog posts from CEI's fellows and associates sent out via e-mail every Friday. Also included in the Weekly newsletter is a brief description of CEI's weekly podcast and a feature on a major CEI breakthrough made during the week
  • A Second Stimulus?

    July 9, 2009
    Any stimulus proposal is, by its very nature, less than a zero-sum proposition. Stimulus involves taking some money out of the economy, wasting some of it on bureaucracy, then putting it back in.


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