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OpenMarket: August 2009

  • We Are The Angry Mob, We Read The Papers Every Day...

    August 27, 2009
    ...we like who we like, hate who we hate, but we're also easily swayed.  Thus sang the Kaiser Chiefs in their UK hit a couple of years ago (Youtube link here).  Ricky Wilson and the boys were on to something. Roger Abbott and I have an article in today's Examiner that looks at the characteristics of revolutionary movements and concludes that the Townhall protesters aren't even close to that.  And that means that those assuming the protests will automatically translate into changes at the polls next year are assuming too much at this stage.  As the Chiefs sang, mobs without direction are easily swayed. On the...
  • Obama Keeps Lying About His Health-Care Plan, Even After Being Caught by Fact-Checkers

    August 27, 2009
    You just can't trust President Obama's claims about his health-care plan. He keeps on lying even after he is caught lying and his lies have become obvious. The Congressional Research Service and the Washington Examiner say that illegal aliens WILL be covered by ObamaCare -- contrary to what Obama claims. and the Associated Press's Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar earlier...
  • Regulation of the Day 41: The Color of Beer Cans

    August 27, 2009
    Having already solved all of the country's economics woes, the FTC now has time to threaten to step in and stop Budweiser from selling cans of Bud Light with college sports team colors on the labels.
  • Nanotech: Innovation or Stagnation?

    August 26, 2009
    In the long run, a competitive, cut-throat market process driven by innovation is better for consumers than if government were to fund and direct research.
  • Ted Kennedy's Deregulatory Legacy on Airlines and Trucking

    August 26, 2009
    Tributes are pouring in for Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy, who lost his battle with brain cancer late Tuesday evening at the age of 77.
  • Regulation of the Day 40: Flying a Plane

    August 26, 2009
    Want to fly a plane? The FAA just published 72 pages worth of changes to its already extensive certification rules. 173 changes in all.
  • Germanic Hoards

    August 26, 2009
    The old central powers (Germany, Austria, Hungary) seem to have come together again in opposition to plans to phase out incandescent light bulbs in favor of the more expensive twirly kind:
    Germans, Austrians and Hungarians are hoarding energy-hungry light bulbs, which have fallen out of favour in other European countries, ahead of a European Union ban that takes effect next month. The scramble for conventional bulbs illuminates the challenges of persuading consumers to embrace environmentally friendly shopping habits - particularly in the midst of an economic crisis. Sales of incandescent light bulbs have risen 34 per cent year-on-year in Germany in the first six months of 2009, data from GfK, the German consumer research group, shows. In most other European countries, sales of...
  • CEI's RRM Suggests Additional Questions for Florida Insurance Commissioner

    August 26, 2009
    Yesterday in a press release from CEI's Center for Risk, Regulation, and Markets, the Center raised many questions that should be brought to Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty. The questions were mainly surrounding doubt over whether or not Florida has enough capital to pay out insurance claims in the event of a large hurricane catastrophe. There was one question that was unfortunately left out of the release. Since this is indeed hurricane season and of course a timely issue, the RRM team would like to pose the question here.
  • EPA Whistleblower's Office May Get Shut Down

    August 26, 2009
    Following a whistleblower report that criticized a global warming rule, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reportedly considering shutting down the agency office in which the critical report originated.  Dr. Alan Carlin, the senior analyst whose report EPA unsuccessfully tried to bury, worked in EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE).  According to a story in last Friday’s Inside EPA, the agency is now considering shutting that office down.
    The Washington Times ran...
  • Regulation of the Day 39: Postmodern Microwave Ovens

    August 25, 2009
    Appliances have to have little badges on them that say they comply with rule that requires the little badges. Perhaps the rule came from the Department of Redundancy Department?


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