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OpenMarket: June 2010

  • No, Sen. Durbin, Choice Not Between Real Science and Political Science

    June 10, 2010
    Sen. Durbin claims S.J.Res.26 presents the Senate a choice between "real science" and "political science." Not by a country mile. See my previous posts on this point. Actually, as a colleague reminds me, it is a misnomer to call EPA's regulatory trigger the endangerment "finding" rather than the endangerment "rule."  The Senate is voting on the "legal force and effect" of the endangerment rule, not trying to determine scientific truth via a head count. Durbin claims that EPA made its endangerment rule after consulting with "scientists across America." In fact, as the endangerment rule acknowledges, EPA largely based the rule on the IPCC reports. As the Climategate scandal reveals, the IPCC reports ...
  • More Demagoguery from Sen. Boxer

    June 10, 2010
    Sen. Boxer now compares Sen. Murkowski's resolution to an attempt to repeal the Surgeon General's famous report in 1964 linking cigarette smoking to cancer. She ignores the fact that the Surgeon General's report was purely an assessment of the medical literature. It had no legal force and effect. Indeed, the Surgeon General's report did not even provide policy recommendations. If EPA's endangerment finding were simply one agency's review of the scientific literature, the Senate would not have any business voting on it either. However, unlike the Surgeon General's report, the endangerment finding is both trigger and precedent for policy changes potentially affecting millions of businesses and homes and trillions of dollars in cumulative GDP. Congress never intended for the Clean Air Act to be a framework...
  • CEI in the News for June 10, 2010

    June 10, 2010
    [youtube: 285 234]
  • Sen. Boxer's Demagoguery Knows No Bounds

    June 10, 2010
    Sen. Boxer (D-Calif.) is now speaking against the Murkowski resolution (S.J.Res.26). Her demagoguery knows no bounds. She asks us to imagine a hundred Senators, who are not scientists, who are not health experts, presuming to determine which pollutant is dangerous and which is not. "It is not our expertise, it is not our purview." "It is ridiculous." "It is the height of hubris." "What are we going to do next, repeal the laws of gravity?" "Maybe we'll say the Earth is flat and will argue that one too." "We could pass a resolution that says there shouldn't be any more rain, and then I guess there wouldn't be any more rain." Boxer ignores -- and conceals -- the simple fact that the Murkowski resolution would overturn the "legal force and effect" of the endangerment finding, not its scientific reasoning or conclusions. The resolution is a referendum not on climate science but on who...
  • Auto Dealers Demolish White House/Auto Alliance Rationale for Opposing Murkowski Resolution

    June 10, 2010
    Today, the Senate will debate and vote on S.J.Res.26, Sen. Lisa Murkowski's resolution of disapproval to overturn the legal force and effect of EPA's endangerment finding, which is both trigger and precedent for sweeping policy changes Congress never approved. The Obama Administration and the Auto Alliance strongly oppose S.J.Res.26, claiming that it would harm the auto industry by blocking implementation of the joint fuel economy/greenhouse gas emission standards rule that EPA...
  • Coupon settlement in DC approved in Envision EMI case

    June 10, 2010
    "Some 15,000 students paid between $2,380 and $2,729 to attend" 2009 inauguration conferences organized by Envision EMI, which class action attorneys claimed, quite plausibly, was a ripoff. So the class members get... two $625 coupons for two more conferences from the same substandard vendor. And those coupons have several limitations, including the fact that only ten percent of seats at any given conference are eligible for coupon use. The settlement is characterized as a "$17 million settlement" in the press...
  • BP Supported Obama Stimulus Package, Global Warming Bill, and Corporate Welfare; BP Bankrolled Obama Campaign

    June 9, 2010
    Columnist Tim Carney notes that BP, responsible for the massive oil spill, is "a close friend of big government whenever it serves the company’s bottom line." It lobbied for President Obama's $800 billion stimulus package, the "cap-and-trade" global-warming bills backed by Obama, and "the Wall Street bailout" that Obama voted for.  "BP has more Democratic lobbyists than Republicans."  Obama is the...
  • Halter's Loss a Major Blow for Big Labor

    June 9, 2010
    Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter's failure to win his state's Democratic nomination is a crushing defeat for organized labor, which went all-out in supporting Halter in order to punish incumbent Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln for her failure to support the unions' top legislative priority, the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which was unpopular in her fairly conservative state. Big Labor did get something out of this, in that it gave Lincoln enough of a scare to make other Democrats think twice before crossing the unions, but her having won shows Democrats that...
  • LibertyWeek 96: Donut Day Disobedience

    June 8, 2010
    Richard Morrison and Marc Scribner welcome Ryan Radia, Sam Kazman and Chris Horner to Episode 96 of the LibertyWeek podcast. We cover gun restrictions, Chris Horner’s new book, National Donut Day, CEI’s annual dinner gala and the proposed “Drudge Report Tax”.
  • Explaining Free Trade in Under Three Minutes

    June 8, 2010
    Watch Tom Palmer explain free trade in under three minutes.


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