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OpenMarket: June 2010

  • Divorce Courts Mistreat America's Soldiers and Small Businesses

    June 1, 2010
    Memorial Day is an opportunity to thank our troops, and open our eyes to the disgraceful way they are treated by divorce courts. The bias that divorce courts in my home state of Virginia often exhibit against males, people who start small businesses, and breadwinner spouses in general has been ably chronicled by Richard Crouch, a prominent family lawyer, in the Virginia state bar publication Family Law News. But what ashames me most as a lawyer is how divorce courts routinely violate our soldiers’ rights under federal law. Crouch notes that Virginia courts ignore federal law by ordering members of the military to share their pensions with spouses who divorced them after even short marriages: “Something...
  • The Nanny Zone Episode 1

    June 1, 2010
    [youtube: 285 234]


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