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OpenMarket: May 2012

  • On May Day, Why Do We Still Have Unions?

    May 1, 2012

    Big Labor and Occupy are using May Day protests in hopes of reinvigorating their movements. Unions are digging up the same old talking points they trot out every Labor Day (in this case, the international Left's version of Labor Day). To gain momentum, organized labor circulated propaganda around the Web. It reads, “On May Day, let’s hear it for Labor Unions: The folks who brought you the weekend, child labor laws, pension security, minimum wage protections, workers’ compensation…”

    Big Labor’s message is misinformation. In the United States, only...

  • Liquor Tax Hike Would Hurt the Little Guys

    May 1, 2012
    D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham’s proposal to increase the alcohol excise tax by “6 cents a drink” is not as innocent as he makes it out to be. As I discussed during the Maryland tax-hike debate, these per drink taxes actually hurt small businesses owners who must pay more for the alcohol that they sell in their establishments. Additionally it hurts servers in restaurants and bars by reducing the amount they are tipped. The current excise tax on alcohol in the District is $1.5 per gallon of liquor, 30 cents per gallon of wine, and 9 cents per gallon of beer. Mr. Graham hasn’t stated the actual amount he’d like to raise these excise taxes and if...
  • Court Rules State Biotech Food Labeling Mandates Preempted By Federal Law

    May 1, 2012
    It’s been a few years since biotech foods have been regular front page news. The anti-technology activists cried wolf a few too many times, and none of the scare stories have come true. Still, the activists have re-grouped and are making an all out, well-financed assault on state and federal governments this year, agitating for mandatory labeling of biotech foods. Stonyfield Farm Chairman Gary Hirshberg even gave up his position as president and CEO of one of the world’s largest organic food purveyors to lead what’s being billed as the “Just Label It” campaign, organized by a veritable who’s who of the organic and “natural” foods industry. And they've been busy -- ...


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