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OpenMarket: October 2013

  • Regulatory Transparency Is Decidedly Lacking

    October 2, 2013
    The Office of Management and Budget reviewed a grand total of 47 regulations last year, or a little more than 1 percent of the total.
  • Please, Think of the Pandas!

    October 2, 2013
    One of the most visible casualties of the government shutdown that began yesterday is the National Zoo’s popular live webcam of its baby pandas. The government has temporarily ceased funding the zoo, forcing the camera to also be shut down. Panda enthusiasts would be happy to learn that the Zoo Atlanta is still airing its panda cam online. The San Diego Zoo is also airing its own panda webcam online. Why are these two zoos still able to air these webcams when the...
  • Marek v. Lane cert petition in the Wall Street Journal

    October 1, 2013
    In The Wall Street Journal, David Rivkin and Lee Casey write about Marek v. Lane, arguing that it's time to end class-action settlements that only reward lawyers, not plaintiffs. Earlier.
  • Playground Slavery

    October 1, 2013
    In a recent article in The Freeman (“The Abolition of the Playground”), Jeffrey Tucker decries public regulation of elementary school playgrounds. He makes a good point, especially in his criticism of the makers of silly rules, but misses one important aspect of freedom. A disclaimer: I can’t remember a time I had fun on a playground. In elementary school, while my classmates played kickball on the acre plot allotted our school, I liked to sit by a tree with bulbous roots and read. I begged my teachers to let me stay inside, and some did. I dreaded the period of “play” after lunch every day. I found sunlight oppressive and physical activity nauseating. I went to a private school, played in “a good private playground, with clear rules and maximum choice within the rules” and had “an...


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