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OpenMarket: June 2019

  • Regulations Trump Administration Has Eliminated So Far in 2019

    June 4, 2019
    The Trump administration promised to roll back red tape. So how goes 2019? The 2019 Spring Unified Agenda of Deregulatory and Regulatory Actions released by the White House Office of Management and Budget gives some idea. It’s easier to stop producing red tape than to roll back what’s there already.
  • This Month, Take Pride in Abundance and Opportunities of Capitalism

    June 4, 2019
    June is Pride Month, when gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other not-straight people celebrate with a variety of events, including activism, parades, and concerts. As with any popular celebration, corporations and brands have become involved, creating special offers and limited-release products to cater to the enthusiasm. Not everyone is excited about this development, however.
  • Will Antitrust End Trump's Deregulatory Push?

    June 3, 2019
    Revelations that antitrust enforcers have conspired to divide jurisdiction and initiate antitrust investigations into Google and Apple (the U.S. Department of Justice) and Amazon and Facebook (the Federal Trade Commission) could well cement the end of Donald Trump claiming the mantle of a deregulatory president.
  • This Week in Ridiculous Regulations   

    June 3, 2019
    President Trump threatened a new tariff on all Mexican goods, potentially scuttling the NAFTA/USMCA agreement. My colleague Wayne Crews went through the new Spring 2019 Unified Agenda and found 3,791 new regulations in the pipeline, and the 2019 Federal Register surpassed 25,000 pages. Meanwhile, during a four-day week due to Memorial Day, rulemaking agencies published new regulations ranging from anchovies to inertia locking devices.


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