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OpenMarket: April 2020

  • The #NeverNeeded Regulatory Reduction Commission

    April 1, 2020
    In a new Washington Examiner op ed, CEI Senior Fellow Ryan Young proposes a Regulatory Reduction Commission to act as a permanent watchdog to prevent #NeverNeeded regulations from hindering the next pandemic response.
  • Antitrust Policy #NeverNeeded and Dangerous in a Crisis

    April 1, 2020
    The Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission will now allow some collaboration between companies to address the corona virus health threat. They also warned a frazzled business community that certain practices could still land them in antitrust hot water. The uncertainty will prevent some ideas from being tried and deny citizens the benefits of what could have been.
  • Why Is Trump’s SEC Chairman Looking to Bring Back an Obama-era Financial Rule?

    April 1, 2020
    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has proposed a set of regulations last fall that would bar many middle class investors from buying mutual funds and exchange-traded funds—financial products that have been on the market for nearly three decades. Instead of creating new red tape, Chairman Clayton should abandon these proposals and give all Americans the freedom to have a bite at the next Apple.


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