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CEI Weekly: Post-Spill Moratorium Worse than the Spill

CEI Weekly is a compilation of articles and blog posts from CEI’s fellows and associates sent out via e-mail every Friday. Also included in the weekly newsletter is a brief description of CEI’s weekly podcast and a feature on a major CEI breakthrough made during the week. To sign up for CEI Weekly, go to CEI Weekly August 27, 2010 >>Post-Spill, it's Still 'Drill, Baby, Drill!' Gulf Coast residents are fed up with the politicization of the Deepwater Horizon spill. As Associate Fellow Ben Lieberman writes in The New York Post, it's quickly becoming apparent to those most affected by the spill that "the biggest threat to the Gulf region economy isn’t the spill itself but Washington's reaction to it." Read Lieberman's op-ed here. >>[Video] Greg Conko Discusses Salmonella on Fox News >>Shaping the Debate Seeking Food Safety, Getting Human Harm Angela Logomasini's op-ed in The Washington Times What They're Up Against Chris Horner's op-ed in The American Spectator Uncle Sam Wants to Cuddle Iain Murray and Anne Sutherland's op-ed in The Washington Times >>Best of the Blogs Privacy Isn't Dead, It's Evolving by Ryan Radia Biofuels and Tax Expenditures by Brian McGraw National Security Risks of Biofuel Mandates by Marlo Lewis >>CEI Podcast August 23, 2010: The Salmonella Egg Scare CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko talks about the salmonella scare that has led to the recall of 550 million eggs 22 states. He believes that the hype is overblown, and that regulators should take an incentives-based approach to food safety issues. The current command-and-control model needs reform. >>Support CEI Like what you read? The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s 26-year record of success is made possible by our over 3,000 supporters. Please be sure to stop by to make a donation today.  Curious about all the possible ways to donate to CEI? Contact Al Canata at or 202-331-2280 to find out more.