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CEI Weekly: Taxpayers Are Footing Bill for Government Employee Union Activity

CEI Weekly is a compilation of articles and blog posts from CEI’s fellows and associates sent out via e-mail every Friday. Also included in the weekly newsletter is a brief description of CEI’s weekly podcast and a feature on a major CEI breakthrough made during the week. To sign up for CEI Weekly, go to CEI Weekly April 15, 2011 >>Featured Story Federal employees are billing taxpayers for hours they spend on union activities, and the Obama administration is absolutely fine with that---as long as the American public doesn't find out. But this week in The Washington Times, Vincent Vernuccio called attention to Obama's "union welfare program" and the administration's attempts to cover things up. Yesterday Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) cited CEI's efforts to investigate this issue during a House Oversight Committee hearing on state budgets and public debts. Watch the clip here. >>Shaping the Debate Why Does Capitalism Enjoy So Little Support From Politicians? Fred Smith's op-ed in Forbes An Alternative to California Proposal to Tax E-Commerce Jessica Melugin's op-ed in The San Jose Mercury News What Should Lawmakers Do About Rogue Websites? (Video) Ryan Radia's participation in a CEI-hosted panel discussion Competition in the Railroad Industry Marc Scribner's submitted comments before the Surface Transportation Board Still Burning Witches at the FCC? Wayne Crews' column in Forbes Google Cleared for ITA Purchase Wayne Crews' citation in The Boston Globe The Obama Tax Hike Machete John Berlau's op-ed in The American Spectator China Bans Time Travel Kathryn Ciano's op-ed in The Daily Caller A Tale of Two Bridges Vincent Vernuccio's op-ed in The American Spectator Dodd-Frank Durbin Amendment Shifts Costs to Consumers John Berlau's op-ed in NewsMax   >>Best of the Blogs More on Energy Department's Awful Green Bank By William Yeatman Much Ado About Nothing: Budget Cut Edition By Ryan Young China Had a Quarterly Trade Deficit---And it Was Hardly Noticed By Fran Smith Happy Tax Freedom Day by Kat Ciano   >> CEI Podcast April 14, 2011: Avoiding a Government Shutdown Warren Brookes Journalism Fellow Kathryn Ciano analyzes the Continuing Resolution passed by the House today that will keep the federal government open for another 6 months. She also looks at proposals from President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan to reduce the budget deficit over the next decade.