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A "Choice" We Can Refuse

The Senate will soon vote on the card-check organizing mandate perversely known as the "Employee Free Choice Act." This law would allow unions to circumvent secret ballot elections whenever they ask the National Labor Relations Board to let them do so. Today I chime in on this in The American Spectator.
Union organizers never, ever intimidate workers whom they are trying to recruit. Believe me? Great! I've got a bridge to sell you. Sound crass? Well, Big Labor and their allies in Congress are trying to sell America just such a proverbial bridge -- the deceivingly named Employee Free Choice Act (pdf) (H.R. 800, S.1041), on which the Senate will soon vote... Facing a decades-old membership decline in the private sector, unions have sought other organizing strategies, and "card check" has been among the most effective... Card check circumvents secret ballot elections because it requires only that a majority of employees sign cards showing that they support union representation. Employees are often urged to sign cards publicly and in the presence of union organizers, which exposes them to high-pressure tactics which the secret ballot is designed to avoid.
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