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OpenMarket: Regulatory Reform

  • When Spending Is Regulation: The Grand Unification Theory of Government Growth

    August 6, 2020

    Alongside helplessness in the face of a looming $27 trillion debt, debating administrative state policy hasn’t been much help in forestalling federal government growth.

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  • An Executive Order 13,891 Guidance Document Portal Update: Another Lap to Go

    August 3, 2020
    President Donald Trump’s October 9, 2019 Executive Order 13,891 (E.O. 13,891) and a subsequent White House Office of Management directive to amplify and clarify it required agencies to create “a single, searchable, indexed database that contains or links to all guidance documents in effect” at www.[agencyname].gov/guidance.
  • This Week in Ridiculous Regulations

    August 3, 2020
    What a week. COVID-19 deaths passed 150,000. Second-quarter GDP declined 9.5 percent from a year ago and 7 percent from the previous quarter. In more uplifting news, NASA launched the Perseverance Mars rover. Here on Earth, regulatory agencies issued new regulations ranging from crop marketing campaigns to OSHA officials accessing people’s medical records.
  • 2020 Second Quarter GDP Decline Is Worst in U.S. History—But Not 32.9 Percent

    July 31, 2020
    The good news is that the second quarter’s GDP numbers aren’t nearly as scary as the more dramatic headlines are saying. The economy has not shrunk by a third. The bad news is that yes, we really have just experienced the worst crash in U.S. history. And it’s not over yet. This post gives some context, and some ideas for how to aid the recovery for both the virus and the economy.
  • This Week in Ridiculous Regulations

    July 27, 2020
    Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States surpassed 4 million last week. Congress returned to session after its July 4 break and is putting together another stimulus package. The 2020 Federal Register also surpassed 45,000 pages, and is averaging 315 more pages per day than in past years. Regulatory agencies issued new regulations ranging from small satellites to lithograph emissions.
  • Deregulate to Stimulate: #NeverNeeded Regulations Are Harming Health and Economy

    July 21, 2020
    The Code of Federal Regulations contains more than 1.1 million regulatory restrictions. State and local governments have additional rules. Some of those rules have a valid purpose. Many others are making the COVID-19 crisis worse than it has to be. If these rules are harmful during a crisis, they were probably never needed in the first place—hence CEI’s #NeverNeeded campaign.
  • How to Spot a #NeverNeeded Regulation

    July 21, 2020
    Regulatory reform is one of the most important weapons there is for fighting COVID-19 and for aiding the economic recovery after the worst passes. Where should policy makers start? This handy infographic shows policy makers and regulators what to look for. If a rule meets one or more of these guidelines, it is probably a #NeverNeeded regulation.
  • Trump Administration Celebrates Red Tape Reduction, Promising More

    July 20, 2020
    The White House hosted a midsummer celebration on the South Lawn of the Trump administration’s reforms and reductions of unneeded “job killing regulations” and red tape.
  • This Week in Ridiculous Regulations

    July 20, 2020
    After another busy week for agencies, the 2020 Federal Register is on pace to be 79,121 pages. None of those pages include the Spring 2020 Unified Agenda, which was supposed to have been published in April. Even so, this year’s Federal Register would be more than a 10 percent increase over last year. Regulatory agencies issued new regulations ranging from the NEPA to beryllium work areas.
  • How to Make #NeverNeeded-Style Reforms Stick

    July 16, 2020
    There are lots of good regulatory reform ideas out there. The ideas with the most staying power share a common theme. They don’t just treat this or that rule. They treat the larger rulemaking system that keeps churning out those harmful rules. With a tough economic recovery ahead once masks, prudence, and treatments defeat COVID-19, now is a good time to implement them.


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