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  • Bottled Water "Myth Buster" Ill Informed

    February 12, 2009
    A piece in the LA Examiner online shows how incredibly misinformed the bottled water debate has become.  The report is called "A Few Facts and Myths about Water," but it is just riddled with misinformation! For example, consider some of the author's claims:

    She claims:
    "The Environmental Protections [sic] Agency keeps a strict watch on your local tap water, whereas bottled water companies are not as closely monitored."
    Reality: By law, bottle water must meet all EPA tap water standards where they apply or be stricter. There is no option for the Food and Drug Administration (which regulates bottled water as a food product) to allow lower quality water. Click here for details.

  • OJ Bigger Villian than Fiji Water!

    February 11, 2009
    Environmentalist activists must certainly mean well.  But, at times, some are so silly that all you can do is laugh.  Consider a recent Tree Hugger post comparing bottled water to orange juice and its lament about carbon footprints!  The post points out that orange juice has an even bigger footprint than—brace yourself—Fiji water! Fiji water is supposedly the world's "most wasteful" water because it is shipped across continents.

    Alas, if you don't live in a community that grows oranges organically for locally produced juice, the carbon footprint is just unacceptable. In fact, the post concludes, all citrus products are "an imported luxury" that responsible environmentalists shouldn't be drinking every day!

    What the greens have discovered here is no great revelation.  The...
  • Bottled Water Helps Wildlife Too!

    February 11, 2009
    We know that bottled water is helpful to humans during a natural disaster, but did you know it's an aid to wildlife?  Today's Washington Express newspaper has on its cover a picture of a firefighter in Australia giving bottled water to an injured koala bear!  It warms the heart to know that the private sector--in this case privately packaged water--serves many interests!  In contrast, Iain Murray commented today on this picture, explaining how government regulations have yet again resulted in misery for both man and nature.
  • Tree Hugger Ads for Bottled Water?

    January 30, 2009
    You gotta love it. I searched the greenie website Tree Hugger today for the term "bottled water." Guess what came up on the top of the page? Google ads for Deer Park and other bottled water! You gotta love capitalism! Apparently, the value of advertising revenue knows no ideology. What's really ironic is they have attacked CEI for our support of consumer choice, suggesting that our love of freedom results from our desire to get money from corporate groups.  But then there they are, making money off of bottled water advertising.
  • What's Stupid about Bottled Water?

    January 30, 2009
    Politicians,  greens, and other alleged do-gooders keep saying that if you like bottled water, you must be stupid maybe even reckless!  Chicago has even imposed a bottled water "sin tax," and other cities are banning it from government agencies.  According to bloggers Tree Hugger, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Corporate Accountability Interntational, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and others, consumer choice and private ownership of water is somehow evil! But who do local governments turn to in an emergency? Bottled water companies, who provide lots of water when its needed! See...
  • Sunstein Nomination

    January 8, 2009
    Looks like my colleague Iain Murry and I concur on President-elect Barak Obama's selection of Cass Sunstein to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Sunstein may be the best choice we could have expected from an administration that pro-regulatory environmental activists seem to believe is a Superhero. In fact, Sunstein is a reasonably good choice for any administration because he has a solid understanding of science and risk management, which is critical for a leader of OIRA.

    I did offer a critical review of his book, ...
  • Obama Enjoys Bottled Water

    January 5, 2009
    According to news reports, the Obama family was welcomed into their temporary home at the Hay-Adams Hotel with a complementary supply of Fiji bottled water.
  • Trashing Taxpayers

    December 8, 2008
    A recent article in today’s New York Times details the perils of an industry that is greatly impacted and propped up by government regulations: the recycling industry.
  • Water for the Homeless

    December 4, 2008

    Bottled water is often a lifesaver in times of natural disaster or when communities have problems with tap water. It also has applications for helping the poor. This winter, it is being used by charities that are compiling backpacks filled with items to help homeless individuals survive the winter. It is also an important aid during summer months. Will the greens call this use wasteful?...

  • Student Eye Opener

    November 21, 2008
    Cheers to Dewey Crowley for his eye-opening article in the Bowdoin College paper The Bowdoin Orient. His piece on bottled water should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants the skinny on bottled water.

    He notes:

    "We hear a lot of complaints against the bottled water industry. However, we rarely hear about the thousands of cases of water sent from Polar Beverages to help victims of Katrina, the hundreds of cases sent to UMass Amherst when their public water supply was contaminated and the numerous cases donated to Bowdoin's Relay For Life."

    Very true. Crowley also points out some less recognized benefits that bottled water companies have on communities. He explains:

    "Poland Springs has invested in Maine in good and bad...


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