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OpenMarket: Michelle Minton

  • Beware the Little Children

    September 13, 2007
    I am always cautious when someone utilizes the “do it for the children” argument. Usually it signals a lack of rational justification and the necessity to appeal to the base emotional level in order to achieve certain ends. There seems to be a rash of that lately (i.e., the TV commercials where children lecture about the dangers of climate change). Big-eyed innocence can go a long way. But don't trust those little rug-rats (they'll say anything if you dangle a Hershey bar in front of them).

    The latest example of this emotional exploitation is California's continued attempts to infringe on the individual rights of its citizens. Hiding behind the little children, CA regulators are...
  • Surprise! Bush is a Liberal

    September 12, 2007
    In her August 31st post titled "Bush pulls a Hillary on Housing???" with its gratuitous punctuation, Michelle Malkin actually seems surprised by Bush's latest betrayal of conservative/republican ideals. However, this behavior is neither new, nor surprising when you look back on Bush's past. In an op-ed published in the Washington Post last May, Richard Cohen analyzed a few of his policies and applies the term “neoliberal”. The only thing new about Bush's liberalism is that he isn't calling himself liberal…but then again, liberals never do that either.
  • Whales, Bees, and Global Warming! Oh My!

    September 12, 2007

    Is it a preponderance of scientific evidence or an inundation of media coverage that, like a feedback loop, spurs on the theory that global warming is the cause for all the world's ills? This week there were at least two news stories (that I saw) pointing the finger at climate change for damaging the lives of animals.

    The first story in the Washington Post takes up the honey bee crisis, postulating that the warming world is causing flowers to bloom earlier in the season, leading to low nectar production in bees, and subsequently undernourished bees that are more susceptible to Colony Collapse Disorder.

    The second article from the BBC takes our optimistic dream...

  • NASA: Dodging the Green Bullet

    August 29, 2007
    NASA announced last Friday that while searching for the reason foam separated from the space shuttle Endeavor during takeoff (tearing a 3-inch gash in the belly of the craft and causing much nail biting during reentry), they found nine small cracks in the insulation on an external fuel tank that may be the cause of the foam chipping off—the same foam that was responsible for the Columbia disaster 4 years prior.

    While NASA is coyly suggests that the blame ought to rest with the cork insulation and not the foam itself, this latest scare demonstrates that NASA has not, as I had hoped, fixed the problem that was responsible for the Columbia disaster. They have not reverted to the foam that had been used with great success before bowing to...


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