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OpenMarket: William Frezza

  • RealClear Radio Hour: The War on Science and the Economy

    January 2, 2017

    Check out RealClear Radio Hour’s last episode with free market stalwarts John Tierney and Peter Wallison.

    Up first is New York Times columnist and City Journal contributing editor John Tierney, discussing how the political left’s social science monoculture and the hyper-politicization of science has delivered disastrous results. From eugenics to hysteria over global warming, failed science policies are a result of confirmation bias and fatal conceit in today’s science dogma that doesn’t allow challenges to prevailing claims.

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Executive Actions and Blockchain Technology

    December 26, 2016

    In this episode, Andrew Grossman proposes executive actions Trump can take to undo problematic portions of Obama’s pen and phone legacy and Donatien Adou discusses how blockchain technology is being used to secure property rights in the Ivory Coast. 

    Up first is Andrew Grossman, a partner at the law firm BakerHostetler and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. Andrew discusses the extra-Constitutional tactics of the modern presidency that have given unbridled, unprecedented discretion to executive branch agencies. He outlines executive actions of the Obama administration—from the Clean Power Plan and delays to implementation of parts of the Affordable Care Act to various Dear Colleague letters and regulation by blog post—that are ripe for executive undoing by the new administration.

  • RealClear Radio Hour: City Extortion and Cities' Heroine

    December 19, 2016

    In this episode of RealClear Radio Hour, Brian Hodges discusses West Hollywood’s extortion of local developers and Robert Kanigel shares stories of Great American Cities heroine Jane Jacobs.

    Opening the show this week is Brian Hodges, Principal Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF). Brian tells the story of how his organization, the first public interest group to defend property rights and challenge government overreach, has helped change the American legal landscape. As an example, he details a current case in which PLF is defending an entrepreneurial couple from an unconstitutional attempt by the City of West Hollywood, California to extort a half-million dollar “affordable housing” permitting fee on their new condominium development.

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Political Disasters in Science and Economics

    December 12, 2016

    This week on RealClear Radio Hour, Marc Edwards and Dan Liljenquist recount politically induced disasters from the perversion of science to the pension crisis.

    My first guest is Marc Edwards, Professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at Virginia Tech. Marc discusses institutional scientific misconduct in academic and government-funded science and details how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created and covered up both the D.C. and Flint, Michigan, lead and drinking water crises. He describes how upper management cultivates a culture of corruption to promote their policy agency agenda, risking loss of public trust in science. 

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Western and Soviet Politics

    December 5, 2016

    In this episode, historian Andrew Roberts and Russian émigré Alexander Markovsky compare Western and Soviet politics.

    Up first is Andrew Roberts, author and Visiting Professor at the War Studies Department at King’s College, London. Andrew takes issue with America’s broken primary system and the intransigent two-party duopoly, regrettably driven by the politics of “the other.” He reflects on the future of Western civilization and proposes a CANZUK union in the wake of Brexit—comprised of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom—to strengthen free trade and defense alliances between the Crown countries. 

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Cancer Care, Chaos, and Climate

    November 28, 2016

    This week on RealClear Radio Hour, Drs. Debra Patt and Kerry Emanuel discuss the politics of cancer care, chaos theory, and climate science.

    We open the show with Dr. Debra Patt, practicing oncologist and Vice President of Texas Oncology. Debra explains how the well-intentioned federal 340B Drug Discount Program is actually driving up cancer care costs. With preferred vendor hospitals applying their 30-50% drug discounts to all patients, not just the underserved, industry-wide prices are being forced up to subsidize the program. On the whole, however, she is optimistic about the diagnostic innovations, therapeutic success, and a drastic drop in cancer mortality rates. 

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Free Trade and Trade Finance

    November 21, 2016

    In this episode, we discuss the benefits of free trade and the prospects and opportunities for trade finance in emerging economies.

    I’m joined first by Daniel Griswold, Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Program on the American Economy and Globalization at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Dan discusses the seemingly invisible benefits of free trade that bolster opportunities and businesses’ bottom line. He debunks common myths about the U.S. trade deficit, manufacturing decline, and the negative impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement and explains why the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a welcome 21st century agreement.

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Veterans Day Special

    November 14, 2016

    In honor of Veterans Day, this week’s show features interviews with World War II combat veterans, staff of the Collings Foundation, and reenactors at their 2016 Battle for the Airfield. Check out the podcasts on YouTube for scenes from the event.

    My first guest is Rob Collings, Executive Director and Chief Pilot of the Collings Foundation. Rob shares how his family’s foundation brings history to life for younger generations to experience. Passionate that World War II was “the pivotal event of the last millennium,” he has dedicated his life to preserving artifacts and sharing veterans’ legacies. 

  • RealClear Radio Hour: The Nanny State Down Under and the Robot Revolution

    November 7, 2016

    In this week’s episode, Topher Field discusses lifestyle regulation madness Down Under and Katherine Mangu-Ward ushers in the robot revolution.

    Opening the show is Topher Field, Australian commentator and filmmaker, who shares how the mythical frontier society transformed into the world’s biggest nanny state. Topher analyzes the effects of bureaucratization and overregulation of every aspect of life—from the gun buyback program and lockout laws failing to stop violence to the inadequacies of government health care, compensation for taxi cartels displaced by ride sharing apps, and food police scaremongering. He holds out hope for a coming revolution led by the rebellious Aussie youth, aware of the dangers of government overreach.

  • RealClear Radio Hour: Internet Sales Tax Shakedown and Legal Graft

    October 31, 2016

    This week on RealClear Radio Hour, Jessica Melugin and Trevor Burrus discuss freedom from bureaucracy online and political corruption.

    Up first is Jessica Melugin, adjunct fellow in technology policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Jessica breaks down the nearly 20-year-old Internet sales tax debate and shares why lobbyists, politicians, and big box retailers advocate Internet taxation without representation. Under those proposals, she explains, consumers would see sales tax rates increase, states would export their tax regimes to remote businesses, and online sellers would be forced to keep records for about 10,000 tax jurisdictions around the nation.



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