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  • Toilet Humor

    April 24, 2007
    Sheryl Crow is now claiming that her toilet paper idea was a joke.The reaction to it should tell her something about the environmental movement.  People thought it was a serious suggestion because they are used to hearing equally ludicrous things coming from environmentalists.  Even The Daily Show took her at face value last night.  Until green environmentalists square the circle of modern life with their concerns about it and their proposed statist solutions, they're going to face exactly the same problem.  Her joke has almost certainly harmed the statist green cause, for which I am grateful to her. It also says something about how America views its celebrities.  But that's a discussion for another place.
  • Fred Talks Global Warming and Sheryl Crow with Tucker Carlson

    April 24, 2007

    Binary Data
  • The Latest from Chavezuela

    April 23, 2007
    It's hard to believe this is even a question. The comments vary in opinion and quality, but one Venezuelan poster is worth quoting:
    The readers, Hugo Chavez and the BBC should notice that 99% of the comments from Venezuelan people are against Chavez. If foreigners want to praise him, they should come and live here for a year, and lets see and see 'Chavez's great government' for themselves. Ana Lopez, Caracas, Venezuela
    Meanwhile, according to The New York Post, Venezuelan actress Maria Conchita Alonso recently blasted Hugo Chavez's "anti-democratic practices and terrorist-encouraging rhetoric." (Thanks to Thomas D. Walls III...
  • Re: How Did You Celebrate Earth Day?

    April 23, 2007
    I spent the day reading. I did drive my car, though -- and it's not a hybrid.
  • Union Decline - It's not just in America anymore

    April 23, 2007
    The decline of organized labor in America's private sector is a well-known story, but less known to Americans is how much the rest of the Anglosphere shares this trend. As the UK's New Economist blog notes:
    In Canada, union membership levels increased by 62,000 in 2006, while union density fell from 30.0% in 2005 to 29.7% in 2006. "Those in the public sector ...were four times as likely as their private-sector counterparts to belong to a union (71.0% versus 17.5%)", writes StatsCanada. In the United States, the BLS reported in January that 12.0% percent of US employed wage and salary workers were union members in 2006, down...
  • Google glacier going, going, gone

    April 23, 2007
    For what I only surmise was the observance of Earth Day, Google had a figure of its logo as a melting glacier (which still appeared atop search results today).
  • Careful What you Wish for, Sheryl

    April 23, 2007
    Sheryl Crow should be careful what she wishes for. Iain's post on her green evangelist mission with Laurie David reminds me of a similar proposal that the late Frank Zappa made back in 1979, at the height of the Iran oil crisis: outlaw music. Remember, that was before CDs, so the way to buy music was on vinyl records, but LPs weren't the only thing in the music business consuming oil -- there's also the gas-guzzling buses and trucks that performers use to move themselves, and their equipment, around on tour; and don't forget about all the energy expended during an average concert to power amps, lights, etc. As Frank put it in the...
  • Re: You would need a heart of stone

    April 23, 2007
    Rationing toilet paper isn't all that Sheryl Crow is pursuing to save the planet. She recently told People magazine that she intends to ration...her taking showers.
    On a more serious note, Crow told PEOPLE: "When I learned how serious global warming is, I wanted to do something to help. So when [Laurie] and I were talking about what we could do, well, my answer to everything is to get on the bus and take it to the people, in true troubadour fashion." And what is Crow doing to be eco-friendly? "I try to wash my clothes in cold water as much as I can," she said. "I turn off lights in rooms that I'm not using. I drive a hybrid. I'm getting solar panels for my house." Joking with her guitarist, Tim Smith, she added...
  • Exposing Ethanol in the Centennial State

    April 23, 2007
    Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi has an excellent piece today on ethanol and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter's enthusiastic embrace of it as a solution to virtually all of the state's energy and environmental problems. He gives particular notice to a new study by Stanford University's Mark Jacobson on the environmental downside to ever increasing ethanol use:
    [Gov.] Ritter claims E85 - an 85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline blend - will help reduce imports, lower emissions, benefit corn growers and stimulate the economy. Only one of those contentions is provable: the corn-lobby benefits. [Prof. Mark] Jacobsen found that an E85 vehicle reduces atmospheric levels of two carcinogens, benzene and butadiene, but increases two others...
  • I've Certainly Got Laughter in My Heart

    April 23, 2007
    Iain, I agree that only the most humorless wretch could refrain from laughter in the face of the Sheryl Crow/Laurie David juggernaut of pretension. But as we know, these two green colossi do not stand alone. Following quick on Sheryl's suggestion of a maximum limit of three squares of toilet paper per restroom visit, come comments by venerable ABC newslady Diane Sawyer:
    Let's talk trees. The average American rips off three feet of toilet paper in each visit to the bathroom. Stack up the rolls of toilet paper and those 2,025 rolls of paper towels you've seen and the average lifetime of newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, and I alone, in my lifetime, will have chopped...


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