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Center for Energy and Environment

<p><strong>Center Director: <a href="">Myron Ebell</a></strong></p><p>CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment makes the positive case for abundant energy and promotes environmental policies based on economic freedom, property rights, and limited government.&nbsp; We oppose policies based on the beliefs that prosperity threatens the environment, that the answer to every environmental challenge is more regulation, and that risks can be abolished by limiting human ingenuity.</p>

Michael E. Mann v. National Review and CEI, et al.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute received a letter on August 21, 2012 from an attorney representing Penn State University Professor Michael E. Mann that demands that CEI retract and apologize for a post on CEI’s blog,, written by CEI adjunct scholar Rand Simberg. The letter also threatens that they "intend to pursue all appropriate legal remedies on behalf of Dr. Mann."

Rachel Was Wrong

Full Document Available in PDF

This year marks the 50th anniversary of biologist Rachel Carson’s 1962 book, Silent Spring, which argued that man-made chemicals represented a grave threat to human health and the environment. Using harsh and unscientific rhetoric—which was rebuked in the journal Science magazine shortly after its publication—Carson postulated that man-made chemicals affect processes of the human body in “sinister and often deadly ways.”


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