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CEI Weekly: Court Rules Against Obama Recess Appointments

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: Court Rules Against Obama Recess Appointments

FEATURE: Court Rules Against Obama Recess Appointments


This week, a federal appeals court ruled President Obama's appointments to fill vacancies at the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional because he bypassed the Senate.  Though the president claimed he could make recess appointments because the Senate was not in session, the court found that the Senate technically was still in session. After the ruling was announced, CEI experts pointed out that it could have far-reaching effects---perhaps most significantly, it calls into question the recess appointment of CFPB head Richard Cordray. Read CEI's Jan. 25 statement on the matter here. For background, see CEI initial statement on the day of the surprise recess appointments here




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January 31, 2013: The Recess Appointments That Weren't


Federal judges recently struck down four recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, claiming the Senate was in pro forma session when President Obama made the appointments. Senior Fellow Matt Patterson talks about the case and its far-reaching consequences for the labor market, as well as the separation of powers.




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