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CEI Weekly: Changing Minds

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: Changing Minds


from the Competitive Enterprise Institute 

Friday, September 20, 2013 




Featured Story: Changing Minds


CEI, like most of the organizations in D.C., is hoping to change people's minds about politics and public policy. But is that really possible?  How often do people change their minds about the isses that matter? In his new Human Events column, CEI President Lawson Bader explores the history of political conversion, both general and personal. Read his column here.


CEI Podcast


September 19, 2013: A Controversial FERC Nominee (Watch here)


Ron Binz is President Obama’s choice to head FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. William Yeatman, in a new report, shows why Binz’s disregard for reliable, low-priced electricity, along with several ethical and ideological red flags, make him less than an ideal nominee.


Shaping the Debate


Private Lobbyists Collecting Public Pensions is Illegal Gift (Link)

Trey Kovacs' column in The Providence Journal


Is Uncle Sam Really the Greatest Entrepreneur of All Time? (Link)

Bill Frezza's column in Forbes


How Chattanooga Beat Google Fiber By Half a Decade (Link)

Fred Campbell's citation in The Washington Post


Conservatives Go All Out Against FERC Nominee (Link)

CEI's citation in Politico


Wisconsin Teachers' Union Decertified in Latest Blow to Labor Under Walker Law (Link)

Matt Patterson's op-ed in Fox News


Conservative Groups Rally Against Obama's FERC Nominee (Link)

CEI's citation in The Hill


ECOtality Fatality (Link)

William Yeatman's citation in The Washington Times


Binz Hearing Opens as Nominee to Head FERC Draws Fire (Link)

William Yeatman's citation in Power Magazine

Best of the Blogs


Mississippi Should Tell CFPB to "Stop Spying on Me" (Read on OpenMarket)

By John Berlau


FERC Nominee Ron Binz Derailed by Truthiness (Read on GlobalWarming)

By Marlo Lewis


Executive Branch Review of Federal Regulations--Still Highly Incomplete (Read on OpenMarket)

By Wayne Crews


Worker Centers Collecting Federal Funds (Read on WorkplaceChoice)

By Trey Kovacs