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CEI Weekly: FCC Is Third Most Expensive Agency

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: FCC Is Third Most Expensive Agency

FEATURE: FCC Is Third Most Expensive Federal Agency


This week, CEI released a new regulatory report card on the Federal Communications Commission. Fellow in regulatory studies Ryan Young reports that the FCC is the third most expensive federal agency, imposing $142 billion in regulatory costs on Americans. Read the report card here. Also, see CEI's press release on the report card here.





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February 21, 2013: The Wages of Sin Taxes


CEI and the Adam Smith Institute have teamed up to publish a U.S. edition of Christopher Snowdon’s study “The Wages of Sin Taxes.” He argues that sin taxes are an ineffective way to treat the harmful effects of drinking, smoking, and obesity. Fellow in Consumer Policy Studies Michelle Minton wrote the foreword.




CalPERS: Model of Pension Dysfunction

By Ivan Osorio


NIH-Funded Conspiracy Theory Smearing Tea Party Gets Even Wackier

By Hans Bader


State of the Union Raises Hope for America

By Myron Ebell


Baltic Success Reveals the Folly of Obama's Doublespeak

By Matthew Melchiorre






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