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CEI Weekly: The Liberal War on Transparency

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: The Liberal War on Transparency

FEATURE: The Liberal War on Transparency

The Liberal War on Transparency, the new book by CEI Senior Fellow Chris Horner, was released this week. Revealing explosive new information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and well-placed sources, Horner exposes the tightly kept secret of liberals running our government and schools: a carefully managed war to undermine the taxpayers’ right to see what their government is up to.



Regulations and Rules Equal Broken Government

Wayne Crews & Ryan Young's op-ed in The Washington Times


With the Economy Sputtering, Obama Must Allow High-Skilled Immigrants

David Bier's op-ed in Forbes


Happy Durbin Day

John Berlau's op-ed in The American Spectator


Winning the Presidential Debate With Regulation

Wayne Crews & Ryan Young's oped in Fox Business


No Real Difference Between Presidential Candidates on Immigration

David Bier's op-ed in The Huffington Post


Did Magna Carta Die in Vain?

Iain Murray's op-ed in The Washington Times


EPA Refuses to Talk About Think Tank Suit Demanding Docs On Officials Using 'Secret' Emails

Chris Horner's citation in The Washington Examiner


Solar Company Banks on Loan, But Skeptics Question Government Investment in Industry

William Yeatman's citation on Fox News



October 4, 2012: What's Old Is New Again

The Magna Carta is 797 years old. But according to Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray, it is directly relevant to today’s political debate. Its guiding principle is that power must be limited. Besides influencing the U.S. Constitution and institutions such as separation of powers and no taxation without representation, this timeless principle sheds light on everything from the current health care debate to the proper role of the judiciary.



Medical Junk Science: Canned Veggies May Make Kids Fat

By Angela Logomasini


The Real Spanish Bailout Cost: 113 Billion

By Matthew Melchiorre


Celebrate National Security Month!

By Will Tew


Why Can't We Get All Our Electricity From Wind?

By Marlo Lewis