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CEI Weekly: The Life of Julius

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: The Life of Julius


May 3, 2013



Feature: CEI releases a new video on labor policy.

 FEATURE: The Life of Julius


The Obama campaign's controversial "Life of Julia" told a story about a woman's lifelong beneficial relationship with government. This week, CEI produced a video counterpoint: "The Life of Julius," a short animated film about a man's lifelong frustrations wrought by pro-union labor policies. Watch the video here.





Getting the History of the Voting Rights Act right

Hans Bader's letter to the editor in The Washington Post


The Life of Julius

Iain Murray' op-ed in National Review


Matthew Melchiorre & Ryan Young's op-ed in The American
CEI's citation in The Wall Street Journal


The Sad Decline of the Word 'Capitalism'

Fred Smith's citation in Forbes


Lawsuit Accuses IRS of Illegal Actions in Rollout of Obamacare

Sam Kazman's citation in The Hill


Another Lawsuit Filed for EPA Official's Private Emails

Chris Horner's citation in The Washington Examiner



















May 2, 2013: Small Business Owners Sue Over IRS Power Grab


Small business owners and individuals in six states, with help from CEI, are suing the IRSover what General Counsel Sam Kazman calls aflagrantly illegal expansion of the Affordable Care Act.


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