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CEI Weekly: New Report Reveals 'Hidden Regulatory Tax'

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: New Report Reveals 'Hidden Regulatory Tax'


May 24, 2013



Feature: The new edition of Ten Thousand Commandments was released this week.

 FEATURE: New Report Reveals 'Hidden Regulatory Tax'


This week, CEI released the twentieth anniversary edition of Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State. The report's author, Wayne Crews, reveals that federal regulator costs have climbed to over $1.8 trillion annually and American households are essentially bearing $14,678 each in a yearly "regulatory tax." Read more about the report here and here.





The Towering Federal Register

Wayne Crews & Ryan Young's op-ed in The Daily Caller


Disabling American Sovereignty

Iain Murray & Geoffrey McClatchey's op-ed in The American Spectator


Self Help Africa

Bill Frezza's op-ed in Forbes


Red Tape Record Breakers

Wayne Crews' citation in The Wall Street Journal


William Yeatman's citation in National Review
Greg Conko & Henry Miller's citation in Investor's Business Daily


More mischief

CEI's citation in The Richmond Times-Dispatch





















May 23, 2013: Twenty Years of Ten Thousand Commandments 


The twentieth anniversary edition of Ten Thousand Commandments was released this week. The annual report gives a big-picture overview of the federal regulatory state. AuthorWayne Crews discusses his main findings, how he started Ten Thousand Commandments, how the regulatory state has evolved over the last twenty years, and what the future holds for regulation.

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