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CEI Weekly: New Study on EPA Incompetence

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: New Study on EPA Incompetence


July 12th, 2013



Feature: CEI Web Memo: EPA's Woeful Deadline Performance Raises Questions About Agency Competence, Climate Change Regulations, "Sue and Settle"

 FEATURE: New Study on EPA Incompetence


This week, CEI released a report by William Yeatman on the Environmental Protection Agency's persistent failure to meet deadlines for its statutory responsibilities. Since 1993, only 2 percent of Clean Air Act regulations were promulgated on time; and late regulations were an average of almost six years late. Today, EPA continues to be six years behind on its nondiscretionary responsibilties; yet, at the behest of the environmentalist lobby, EPA has taken on new discretionary responsibilities. Read more about Yeatman's research here.





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July 11 2013: Farm Bill Controversy


Adjunct Fellow Fran Smith breaks down the controversy surrounding this year’s farm bill.


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