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CEI Weekly: In Praise of Big Banking

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: In Praise of Big Banking


July 26, 2013 



Feature: In a new Wall Street Journal op-ed, CEI analysts argue that non-financial institutions are good for the banking industry.

 FEATURE: In Praising of Banking at Big Box Stores


This week, Senior Fellow John Berlau and Research Associate Kyle Tassinari published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal defending the entry of non-financial firms like Walmart into the banking industry. "For safety, convenience and price, the U.S. needs to join the rest of the world and allow nonfinancial companies to own and operate banks," the authors argue. Read the op-ed here





5 Questions on High Speed Rail and Its U.S. Future

CEI's citation on


Can the Free Market Save Detroit?

Bill Frezza's citation in Commentary Magazine


Cleveland Groups to Hold Rally Here Wednesday as Part of National Effort to Raise Minimum Wage

Matt Patterson's citation in The Cleveland Plain Dealer


Millions Will Die Without a Carbon Tax to Fix Global Warming, Says a New Jersey U.S. Senate Campaign in Hysterical Online Ad

Chris Horner's citation in The Daily Mail


EPA Admin: It's Our 'Responsibility' to Fight Global Warming

Myron Ebell's citation in The Daily Caller


Harry Reid May Invoke Nuclear Option to Achieve Confirmation of Mel Watt

John Berlau's citation in The Washington Free Beacon












July 25 2013: The UAW and Chattanooga 


The United Auto Workers union is campaigning to organize a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Senior Fellow Matt Patterson talks about his recent trip to Chattanooga, where he spoke with local politicians and community members about how this might affect the community.





End of Compulsory Dues Leads to Plummeting Union Membership in Wisconsin

By Brian McNicoll


On Dodd-Frank's Third Anniversary, North Star Is Further Out of Reach

By John Berlau


California Close to Granting Big Labor Protections from Disclosure

By Trey Kovacs


IER's Robert Murphy on the Social Cost of Carbon

By Marlo Lewis






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