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CEI Weekly: Shutdown Continues, but Government Remainds Bloated

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: Shutdown Continues, but Government Remainds Bloated


from the Competitive Enterprise Institute 

Friday, October 11, 2013 


Human Events


Featured Story: Shutdown Continues, But Government Remains Bloated


The shutdown has continued well into week two, though the White House is currently in negotiations with the GOP on a possible short-term deal. Despite the very public closing of highly-visible monuments, websites and services, the "essential" part of the monolithic government shudders on. In this week's Human Events column, CEI President Lawson Bader takes a look at all the rules that have been printed in the Federal Register since the shutdown began. Read the column here.


CEI Podcast


October 10, 2013: CEI Files FOIA Requests Over Park Closures  (Listen here)


During the government shutdown, the National Park Service has barricaded and even closed numerous open-air memorials and parks – including, in some cases, privately owned parks. CEI has filed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to find out who made the decisions and why. Senior Attorney and Counsel for Special Projects Hans Bader discusses the case.


Shaping the Debate


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