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CEI Weekly: Thanks to Everyone Who Shared I, Pencil

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CEI Weekly: Thanks to Everyone Who Shared I, Pencil

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FEATURE: Thanks to Everyone Who Shared I, Pencil


With the help of all our friends and supporters who emailed I, Pencil around yesterday, the film has already garnered great attention. St. Lawrence University Professor Steve Horwitz wrote on his blog, "I do not have words for how beautiful and inspriring this is. [...] I start every intro class on the first day with I, Pencil and from now on I show this."  To watch the film, share it, and explore our educational resources and curriculum, visit




America Must Avoid Europe's Toxic Tax Remedy

Matt Melchiorre's op-ed in USA Today


Is Colorado's "New Energy Economy" Still Viable In Light of Recent Industry Setbacks? No

William Yeatman' op-ed in The Denver Post


Why You Should Care That Courts Overturn EPA's Carbon Pollution Standard

Marlo Lewis' column in Forbes


Free Speech for Big Pharma

Henry I. Miller & Greg Conko's article in Defining Ideas


Competitive Bidding Solves Water Problems One Trip at a Time

Jeff Edgens' op-ed in The Augusta Chronicle


Chrysler, Fiat Deal Backfires

John Berlau's citation in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Think Tank to Sue Treasury to Make Carbon Tax Proposal Emails Public

Chris Horner's citation in The Washington Examiner


State's San Juan Plan Cost Analyzed

William Yeatman's citation in The Albuquerque Journal


Do Cap & Trade Systems Work?

Myron Ebell's citation in The San Francisco Chronicle


The Regulatory Cliff

Wayne Crews' citation in The National Review














November 16, 2012: I, Pencil: The Movie


Nick Tucker, producer and director of the new CEI short film “I, Pencil,” discusses the importance of Leonard Read’s classic essay, how the project got started, and how ideas like spontaneous order and connectivity are genuinely inspiring.





Jeffrey Sachs: Micro-Keynsianism Is "Outdated and Outmoded" .... So, We Need Micro-Keynesianism!

By Fred Smith


Union Strike Show-Down Could End In Hostess Shutdown

By Crissy Brown


Businesses Against Deregulation

By Ryan Young


Italy Shoorts the Messange--and Its Legal System--In the Foot

By Matt Melchiorre