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Re: “Maryland’s Diversity Police Trample Basic Freedoms”

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The Examiner was right to criticize Maryland legislators for passing a bill that would force private and public colleges to report on what they’ve done “to promote and enhance cultural diversity.” That doesn’t just violate academic freedom. It could also enrich scam artists and lead to lawsuits. The typical response of a dumb college administrator to a “diversity” requirement is to hire a “diversity trainer.” But diversity training backfires, since most employees and students hate it.

For example, a judge allowed an employee to sue a federal agency for sexual harassment after it subjected him to diversity training that scapegoated males, in Hartman v. Pena (1995). Glenn Singleton, a diversity consultant retained by D.C.-area schools claims that “white talk” is “impersonal, intellectual, verbal” and “task-oriented,” while “color commentary” is “emotional.”

“Diversity trainers” often promote insulting racial stereotypes.