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Verizon, FCC Face Off Over Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know


The Center for Democracy and Technology argued that Verizon's suit is "dangerous."

"By trying to paint this case as raising a constitutional issue, Verizon hopes to do far more than just strike down the Open Internet Rules; it seeks to completely wall off Internet access services – and possibly more – from any possibility of government oversight," CDT's David Sohn wrote in a blog post. "If the court were to accept the argument, it would instantly call into question roughly a century's worth of settled law on telephone over common carriage networks."

Wayne Crews with the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), meanwhile, said today's proceedings "mark the critical culmination of a longstanding effort by FCC to expand power over speech and infrastructure in America in violation not merely of the Constitution and the rule of law ... but of common sense, economic efficiency, and consumer welfare."