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Arin Greenwood


Arin Greenwood

Research Fellow

Arin Greenwood is a writer and lawyer living in Washington, D.C.  Arin received
her B.A. in philosophy from Oberlin College, and her J.D. from Columbia Law
School where she was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar.  Prior to her move to
Washington, D.C., Arin lived in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
where she worked at the islands' Office of the Attorney General arguing appeals
before the CNMI's Supreme Court, advising government agencies, and helping to
start and work as an administrative judge for the islands' first ever refugee
protection program.  Arin's stories appear in publications such as Slate, the
Washington CityPaper, the American Bar Association Journal, Preservation Online,
the Providence Phoenix, and many others.



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