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Daniel J. Murphy


Daniel J. Murphy

Daniel J. Murphy is a principal at Brevity Editorial Services LLC, where he offers writing, research and editorial services. Prior to launching Brevity, Murphy served in the George W. Bush Administration (2001-2009), first as a senior staff member at the Office of Management and Budget and later at the Department of Labor. From 1994 to 2001, Murphy worked as a National Issues Reporter for Investor’s Business Daily, primarily covering regulatory and political matters for a nationwide, business-oriented audience.

From 1991 to 1994, Murphy served at Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation (CSE), where he co-authored a book on federal spending practices. At CSE, he served on organization’s editing team, collaborating with authors to produce papers, studies and analyses for lay audiences. Murphy’s first job in Washington concluded with him serving as Managing Editor of Human Events (1988-1991).



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